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simple solo meals

This photo, to me, is the picture of bliss: a yummy, simple meal, a good book, and the solitude of my garden patio. My favorite part of eating alone is how simple the meals can be. When I’m cooking for someone else I always feel this obligation to do more, make multiple dishes, do something “nice.” When I’m eating alone, I can and will still make good, gourmet food – when I’m not exercising my right to eat cereal or popcorn for dinner which is truly one of the greatest joys of living and eating alone – but I’m free to just whip up something quick and simple if that’s all I feel like doing — something like a simple salad with some bread, and nothing more. And I can eat ice cream for dessert straight out of the container and no one will complain about it. In QuirkyAlone, Sasha Cagen cites eating peas out of the can as one of the great, secret joys of living and eating alone.

I love making beautiful food. I love eating beautiful food. I love photographing beautiful food. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be beautiful.

  an apricot tart


bean & avocado tostadas with cherry tomatoes from the garden


  chocolate souffles


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